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SubjectRe: [ck] Re: Linus 2.6.23-rc1
Roman Zippel wrote:
> When Ingo posted his rewrite, Con had
> already pretty much lost. I have no doubt that Ingo can quickly transform
> an idea into working code and I would've been very surprised if he
> wouldn't be able to turn it into something technically superior. When Ingo
> figured out how to implement fair scheduling in a better way, he didn't
> use this idea to help Con to improve his work. He decided instead to
> work against Con and started his own rewrite, this is of course his right
> to do, but then he should also accept the responsibility that Con felt his
> years of work ripped apart and in vain and we have now lost a developer
> who tried to address things from a different perspective.

When Ingo wrote something that went head-on with what Con wrote, it was his
prerogative to do so. There's no speaking here of rights to do or not to
do since as matter of evidence, in the open source world, that which is
superior (i.e. code, function, not person) has the right to exist and the
inferior to die away. Did Ingo have the obligation to improve Con's work?
Definitely not. Did Con have a right to get Ingo's improvements or
suggestions? Definitely not. There are no such rights in this open source
development framework (TM).

What Ingo did, I think, was what he wanted and he has the right to do that.
I believe that Ingo does not have an obligation to be responsible
for what Con felt. You feel what you feel because you choose to feel that
way. Let us remember that "Happiness is a choice, not a state."

And let's just look at the attitudes on how both Ingo and Con reacted to
the issues regarding their respective schedulers. I won't list them here
now since they're all there in the archives.

Since attitude also plays a big part in getting your code in mainline, I
think we would know the reason why one got chosen for the other.

Thank you very much.

Best Regards,


Carlo Florendo
Softare Engineer/Network Co-Administrator
Astra Philippines Inc.
UP-Ayala Technopark, UP Campus Diliman
1101 Quezon City, Philippines

The Astra Group of Companies
5-3-11 Sekido, Tama City
Tokyo 206-0011, Japan
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