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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/2] [POWERPC] MPC8349E-mITX: use platform IDE driver for CF interface

    Segher Boessenkool wrote:

    >>>> + ide@f0000000 {
    >>>> + compatible = "mmio-ide";
    >>>> + device_type = "ide";

    >>> Why not "ata"?

    > The hardware is called (E)IDE, the protocol is called ATA.

    Sorry for not denouncing this earlier. :-)
    ATA is the name of ANSI standard describing IDE.

    > Or that's what I was told --

    Re-check your sources. ;-)

    > I think there's some historic revisionism involved, too.

    IDE was probably an initial name of the infamous disk hardware/protocol
    later standardized as ATA, EIDE (being more of a trademark) more or less
    equals to ATA-2.

    >> Also, what mmio-ide in the compat properly means in the context of
    >> ide_platform which is able to handle both port and memory mapped IDE.
    >> I think
    >> we must get rid with this crap, and since this IDE register mapping is
    >> pretty
    >> much board specific, call it something like "mpc8349emitx-ide" instead.

    > "mmio-ide" simply is not specific enough. The device_type


    > should go, too.

    > If this IDE interface is board-specific, thee "compatible"

    It's "thy", not "thee". ;-)

    > property should include the board vendor name and board
    > name. Oh, that's what "emitx" tries to do -- it could be
    > a bit clearer perhaps ;-)

    Yeah, I forgot about the vondor's "fsl," prefix.

    > Segher

    MBR, Sergei
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