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SubjectRe: CS5530 Alsa driver fails
>> Might be worth setting the IRQ to sharable. I've never seen a 5530 with
>> the sound IRQ shared so I don't know if that works and is a valid
>> configuration for the VSA firmware
> The relevant patch is below. Please give it a try.
> Takashi

> - if (request_irq(irq, irq_handler, hardware == SB_HW_ALS4000 ?
> + if (request_irq(irq, irq_handler,
> + (hardware == SB_HW_ALS4000 ||
> + hardware == SB_HW_CS5530) ?

CS5530: XpressAudio at 0x220
CS5530: MPU at 0x330
CS5530: IRQ: 9 DMA8: 0 DMA16: 5
ALSA sound/isa/sb/sb_common.c:91: snd_sbdsp_reset [0x220] failed...
CS5530: Could not create SoundBlaster

Does this mean that interrupt cannot be shared? Or is this something


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