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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 06/68] 0 -> NULL, for arch/frv
    Mike Frysinger wrote:
    > On 7/31/07, Richard Knutsson <> wrote:
    >> Mike Frysinger wrote:
    >>> On 7/27/07, Robin Getz <> wrote:
    >>>> If there is a definite style or semantic preference that everyone should live
    >>>> with - does it make sense to put checks in to enforce it?
    >>> does not have enough semantic knowledge to know if the
    >>> thing being tested is a pointer ... dont know if the sparse utility
    >>> would be able to pick it out as i'm not familiar with what level that
    >>> thing runs at
    >> Didn't he mean "x == NULL" > "!x"?
    > i'm sure i understand your meaning of ">" ... are you saying that "x
    > == NULL" is greater (preferred) to "!x" or are you saying that "x ==
    > NULL" should be changed to "!x" ?
    If I understood Robin correctly, he suggested that would
    tell to convert "x == NULL" to "!x", if that would be the preferred way.
    > i dont think the former case can be checked by, but the
    > latter certainly can ... but i'd be very skeptical you could get the
    > wider LKML audience to sign off one way or the other wrt to "x ==
    > NULL" vs "!x". you can certainly get people to sign off on "x == 0"
    > being wrong when x is a pointer.
    I agree!
    BTW, too bad does not know the types, since it otherwise
    could check for the "x [=!]= 0"-thing.

    Richard Knutsson

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