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SubjectRe: Reboot hang FIXED
On Wed, 01 Aug 2007 12:01:15 +0200, Rene Herman <>  

> On 08/01/2007 11:37 AM, kriko wrote:
>>>> I just want to add that my DVD drive is not detected when using new
>>>> driver. So back to old one....
>>> You shouldn't have dropped Alan from CC then... pata_amd, right?
>>> Rene.
>> Sorry, yes its pata_amd.
>> IBM drive is on Primary master (detected as /dev/sdc)
>> DVD-ROM is on Secondary master (not detected)
> It's probably a timing issue (and might be related to why the old driver
> makes the BIOS hang at reboot) but pata_amd should I believe be one of
> the best tested pata drivers. Using it myself as well, on amd756. I
> haven't observed any problems with (a few) various CD/DVD drives
> attached and am not actually sure how to go about debugging the thing --
> over to Alan.
> The DVD-ROM is jumpered for master? Or for cable-select and using the
> master cable-slot? Using an 80-ribbon cable for it?

It is jumpered as master and connected with first cable-slot.
Cable itself? I don't know, it was supplied with motherboard, though it
has one pin disabled in middle of connector.

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