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SubjectRe: [PATCH 06/68] 0 -> NULL, for arch/frv
On 7/31/07, Richard Knutsson <> wrote:
> Mike Frysinger wrote:
> > On 7/27/07, Robin Getz <> wrote:
> >> If there is a definite style or semantic preference that everyone should live
> >> with - does it make sense to put checks in to enforce it?
> >
> > does not have enough semantic knowledge to know if the
> > thing being tested is a pointer ... dont know if the sparse utility
> > would be able to pick it out as i'm not familiar with what level that
> > thing runs at
> Didn't he mean "x == NULL" > "!x"?

i'm sure i understand your meaning of ">" ... are you saying that "x
== NULL" is greater (preferred) to "!x" or are you saying that "x ==
NULL" should be changed to "!x" ?

i dont think the former case can be checked by, but the
latter certainly can ... but i'd be very skeptical you could get the
wider LKML audience to sign off one way or the other wrt to "x ==
NULL" vs "!x". you can certainly get people to sign off on "x == 0"
being wrong when x is a pointer.
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