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SubjectRe: Reading a bad sector does not report failure as 'read error' but hangs PC with 'Machine Check Exception'
Hendrik . wrote:
> Ok, I did actually not copy the coreret code in the
> mcelog, leaving me some errors about the Northbridge.
> If I do it again it gives me something else. I made 2
> digital photo's of 2 lockups when it happened and this
> is the result of the tool, the TSC is different in
> both errors, the rest is the same:
> --------------------
> CPU 0 4 northbridge TSC b7d4a144d0
> Northbridge Watchdog error
> bit57 = processor context corrupt
> bit61 = error uncorrected
> bus error 'generic participation, request timed out
> generic error mem transaction
> generic access, level generic'
> STATUS b200000000070f0f MCGSTATUS 4
> This is not a software problem!

Presumably some access that the CPU is doing to the controller has timed
out and caused the MCE. It might be useful if we could get a stack trace
from where the MCE was triggered - does anyone know if it's possible to
do this?

It's possible that only NVidia really could tell why this error would
result from a disk problem, though.

Robert Hancock Saskatoon, SK, Canada
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