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SubjectRe: Problem with SiS Ide/Pata/Sata on 2.6.22-rc7-git4
Alan Cox skrev:
>> If you modprobe only sis5513
>> OR
>> If you modprobe only sis5513 and then sata_sis/pata_sis:
>> - you get this:
>> (the hdb drive does not get detected/usable)
> Don't mix old and new IDE like that. We allow both so you can use old SIS
> and new Jmicron etc for example but there are some cases where trying to
> load both old and new IDE support for the same chip will do strange
> things.
> Alan

So this means that if you want to use pata & sata disks connected to sis
chipset you cant use sis5513 at all, if I understand this correct?

If that's the case I guess we simply have to blacklist (or stop
building) the sis5513 and force all sis ide users to pata_sis...

Now, do you consider pata_sis as stable as the sis5513 ?

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