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SubjectRe: [git pull][resend] Input updates for 2.6.22-rc7

On Thu, 5 Jul 2007, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> It says your user-agent is "Kmail", and maybe there is some way to fix it.
> And if kmail is correct, please make a bug-report to the kmail people.

Ok, googling for kmail, I think it really is kmail doing it, because I
find others complaining about the same idiocy.

Btw, the others who noticed this weren't _nearly_ as polite as I am about

Apparently kmail - at least when cutting-and-pasting - will actually turn
every other space into an NBSP for some internal idiotic reason. So even
if you _originally_ had 8 spaces, Kmail will apparently corrupt your data
when cutting-and-pasting according to that other report I saw.

Please stop using kmail, or ask for it to get fixed.

I'm constantly surprised by just how _many_ ways MUA's find to screw up.
It's not like they seem to all have some stupid bug. It's more like they
seem to all have willfully added code explicitly to mess up the content of
email, often with the goal of making it "look" right, even if it's crap.

In this case, it means that you cannot cut-and-paste simple ASCII text,
because Kmail messed up.

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