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SubjectRe: [PATCH][Documentation][resend] Add missing files and dirs to 00-INDEX in Documentation/
On Tuesday 03 July 2007, Rob Landley wrote:

> Documentation/* is a gigantic mess, currently organized based on where
> passers-by put things down last. I posted a couple of patches to do minor
> cleanups to it last month, but since then I've put that on the back burner,
> because Documentation/* can't do what I need.
> I spent the first month of the documentation fellowship trying to find all
> kernel documentation I could, and figure out how to organize it. It would
> easy to pile up a big heap (that's sort of what has
> now, and that's less than half of what I've tracked down), but the hard part
> is _organizing_ it. I can't figure out what _isn't_ documented until I have
> a handle on what _is_ documented. (And then I can worry about documentation
> being stale, incomplete, or simply wrong...)
> I was looking at the Documentation directory in the kernel as the primary
> source of documentation and the core around which the rest could be
> organized: but it isn't. Out on the internet there are 8 gazillion other
> sources of documentation for the Linux kernel: OLS papers, the LWN kernel
> article index, wikis, developer blogs, specifications, online books, things
> on sourceforge... most of that is NEVER getting indexed into
> because it's HTML or PDF under various different non-gpl licenses, and the
> Documentation directory contains text files.
> The fact that Documentation is text means it can't easily link out to
> resources that live on the web. The index I need to organize all this stuff
> with must be HTML because huge chunks of it simply aren't local. The kernel
> generates HTML documentation via "make htmldocs", but that can't even
> coherently link to everything in the Documentation directory today, let
> the whole web, because it's generated by grepping through the kernel sources
> and that imposes a strong structure on it that makes it bad for indexing
> things outside itself. It can be linked _into_ by an external index, but it
> can't easily BE an index composed primarily of external references. That's
> not what it's for. So that's out too.
> I intend to integrate the existing 00-index into the new index (the bare
> skeleton of which just went up at earlier today,
> although expect it to change a lot as links and sub-pages get added and I
> generally go "what was I THINKING?"). And I'll be adding in all the stuff
> that ISN'T in 00-index, too. I need to set up a link checker to detect 404
> and also detect files that aren't linked from anywhere in my local set of
> directories...
> I have a mercurial archive at which I'll accept
> patches into (it's deeply unimpressive at the moment, I'm working on it),
> I'd like said patches cc:'d to which I'm trying to
> resurrect. I also might shuffle all the stuff I'm mirroring (like
> into its own mirror/* subdirectory for easier
> mirroring if other people want a local copy of this stuff, I'm still trying
> to figure out the best way to organize all this. (I'd prefer not to confuse
> google by having multiple live mirrors out on the web, but hey: it's a free
> country.)
> Keep in mind my previous laptop died a month ago, and my new one arrived the
> monday before OLS, at which my todo list got much longer. I'm still
> up. Organizing is the hard part. Just _writing_ documentation is
> comparatively easy...
> Rob
Is there something I could do to help? It's been years since I programmed C,
but I'm a former librarian, current configuration management tools
consultant. I write good standards-compliant HTML and XHTML, and Perl is my
life these days.

Point me at something where I won't be duplicating effort and I'll take a look
at it.
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