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SubjectRe: The big suspend mess
On Thu, Jul 05, 2007 at 02:27:47AM +0200, Pavel Machek wrote:
> > IMHO the suspend code is currently way too much of a moving target which
> > results in this mess.
> >
> > The correct order seems to be:
> 0. Get someone to sign up as a maintainer for suspend, so we have
> someone to blame for the mess? :-)

The "SOFTWARE SUSPEND" entry in MAINTAINERS already contains a victim... ;-)

My impression is that suspend is an area of the kernel that does not
lack maintainers - you and Rafael are doing a good job, and there's e.g.
also the maintained code formerly known as suspend2.

But some basic questions like e.g.
- What should be done in the kernel and what in userspace?
- How should this be implemented?
- What must subsystems and drivers do?
- What must subsystems and drivers not do?
seem to be in a constant flux because the big picture everyone agrees
upon seems to be missing.

> > 1. agree on what the suspend code as a whole should look like
> > 2. implement this
> > 3. fix ALL drivers to work at least as good as they do today
> > 4. get it tested in -mm
> > 5. fix all bugs people run into
> > 6. submit it for inclusion in Linus' tree
> > 7. quickly work on the most likely big amount of bug reports
> >
> > Step 1 is the most important one - evolving code is often something
> > good, but in this case with different people trying to evolve the
> > suspend code in different directions it simply results in a big mess.
> Pavel



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