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SubjectRe: "Add support for vector domain" breaks boot on x355
On 01.08.2007 [10:43:43 +0900], Kenji Kaneshige wrote:
> 2007-07-31 (?$B2P) ?$B$N 15:13 -0700 ?$B$K Nishanth Aravamudan ?$B$5$s$O=q$-$^$7$?:
> > The following commit (4994be1b3fe9120c88022ff5c0c33f6312b17adb) broke
> > Linus' Tree between 2.6.22-git15 and 2.6.22-git16 on a 2-node 8-way x455
> > (Madison procs). Thanks to Ryan Hodges for bisecting down to this
> > commit.
> Thank you for reporting.
> I think this problem might be fixed by the commit
> 6ffbc82351c62eeeeaeb9e817ddf93049353493d. Could you try that?

Ah you might be right. Our testing harness is missing that the kernel
came up further, at least. (2.6.23-rc1-git9 works fine, mostly, it looks


Nishanth Aravamudan <>
IBM Linux Technology Center
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