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    SubjectRe: acpi=off vs. blacklist (HP DC 7700)
    On Tuesday 31 July 2007 06:35, Ph. Marek wrote:
    > Hello everybody!
    > I have two machines which freeze during boot; this seems to be ACPI-related,
    > because with acpi=off they start.
    > The first one is the HP DC 7700; some summary can be seen on
    > It hangs after a line
    > ACPI assume root bridge[\sp_.pci0] bus is 0

    Looks like this box has been broken since December, 2006!
    Not booting unless "acpi=off" is a serious failure.

    > The second one is a notebook; a Roda Rocky III+ RK886EX, which just shows a
    > blank screen.

    Please get Linux up and running on the two boxes
    using whatever means are at your disposal (some mentioned
    in the thread above are acpi=off, pci=noacpi,
    pci=conf1, noapic hda=noprobe hdc=noprobe)

    Download the latest stable kernel ( today)
    Make sure that the latest kernel still fails unless
    you apply the workaround(s).

    Then open two a bug report for each machine here:

    Attach the output from acpidump, as well as the
    complete dmesg and lspci -vv output,
    and paste the contents of /proc/interrupts.
    Then, if you can capture the console output taken from the actual failure
    case, that would be ideal

    > As we drive many machines from the same kernel image via PXE, I tried to
    > insert them into drivers/acpi/blacklist.c; but that doesn't help, either -
    > the notebook hangs as before, no matter whether I set is_critical_error or
    > not.
    > [ I suppose I wrote the entries wrong; is there some HOWTO? I used
    > acpidump/acpixtract/acpitbl, copied other blacklist entries, and took
    > "OEM Table ID", "OEMID", "OEM REVISION". Help? ]

    Lets see if we can find out what the problem is before we
    blacklist the machines.

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