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    SubjectRe: Whats the problem with my IDE...
    > After mounting my four LVs, formatted with XFS, here, I'm starting to 
    > delete all files on those LVs to be able to do a fresh linux install.
    > While deleting, I get *many* DMA errors and "BAD CRC" messages.

    Bad CRC indicates a data transfer problem between the drive and the
    controller. The CRC is computed one end and verified the other. The OS
    isn't directly involved.

    This usually means either
    #1 A 40 wire cable in use for > UDMA33
    #2 A drive plugged into the middle of the cable and none on the end
    #3 The short part of the cable connected between a drive and the
    controller not the long part

    And occassionally it may indicate power, iffy connectors or electrical
    noise problems.

    Theoretically it can also be caused by the kernel misprogramming the
    timings but the old VIA IDE driver is very well tested in this area and
    the one bug I know it has with timing it always sets to be excessively
    safe not problematic.
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