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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/3] ACPI autoloading
On Tue, 2007-07-03 at 03:40 -0400, Len Brown wrote:
> > A) Cannot pass acpi_device_id through ops.add (probe equivalent func)
> > ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> >
> > int acpi_match_device_ids(..)
> > should be:
> > const acpi_device_id *acpi_match_device_ids
> > and the matching device id should get passed to the acpi driver's .add
> > function.
> > This would ease up the code in the ACPI driver a lot (e.g. see button.c,
> > it is compared again which device (HID) has been found. Theoretically
> > the drivers also needs to check CIDs...).
> >
> > The problem is that in scan.c ACPI driver is abstracted to use .match
> > and .probe "struct bus_type" functions and I have no idea how the
> > matching acpi_device_id should get passed or stored from
> > acpi_match_device_ids (.match) to ops.add (invoked in .probe).
> > Currently:
> > kernel_ulong_t driver_data;
> > of acpi_device_id got added, but is not used at all atm.
> >
> > B) Thermal module always gets loaded
> > ------------------------------------
> >
> > This is because _TZ_ (scope?!?) always gets added, but is declared as a
> > device or at least pops up as a thermal device.
> > This is in drivers/acpi/utilities/utglobal.c:
> >
> > /*
> > * Predefined ACPI Names (Built-in to the Interpreter)
> > *
> > * NOTES:
> > * 1) _SB_ is defined to be a device to allow \_SB_._INI to be run
> > * during the initialization sequence.
> > * 2) _TZ_ is defined to be a thermal zone in order to allow ASL code to
> > * perform a Notify() operation on it.
> > */
> >
> > Any idea how to get rid of that is very welcome.
> > Is this to be able to process buggy ASL code of this kind?:
> > "Notify ("_TZ_", 0x80)"
> > While _TZ_ is not a real device, but a scope operator and gets
> > statically declared as a device here to solve such things?
> ThermalZone objects hang under _TZ, whether TZ it be global, or under _SB
> I would think that if there are no ThermalZone objects,
> then we'd not need to bind the thermal driver.
> However, this would be a custom binding method (like acpi video.c)
> rather than a HID based one.
> I'm really not sure about the _TZ_ syntax -- we'll have to ask Bob
> where that came from when he returns -- but I don't think it matters
> for the issue at hand.
Yeah. It's the same behavior as before then, as everybody would try to
load the thermal module on all i386/x86_64 machines anyway.
Would be great if Bob could give a short comment, maybe I start digging
a bit deeper if I find the time to find out why this is and how this can
get workarounded (in another way, already looks like a workaround).
> > C) Renaming/Unifying of HID strings
> > -----------------------------------
> >
> > This shouldn't be a problem. Consequence is that the new ACPI sysfs
> > structure will show other names, but as it got introduced recently this
> > shouldn't hurt anyone?
> I agree that it is still new and that it is unlikely that a re-name
> now would be a significant compatibility issue.
> > For better readability we could map all HIDs to a device name through a
> > HID <-> Device Name - enum and table. And then export "battery" again
> > through /sys instead of "PNP0C0A".
> > This was a bit mixed up. If, this should get implemented soon as the
> > sysfs structure should not get altered that often...
> > If wanted, I can send an on top patch later...
> We've had this discussion before.
> I'm inclined to keep the kernel as simple as possible, and let
> some user-space thingie look up standard strings in some user-space table.
> I don't want to get into the game of trying to make sysfs
> so user-friendly, that a kernel re-build is necessary to add/translate
> a new string...
> that said, if we have to _invent_ a new string, it might as well
> be something meaningful to a human.
I don't know. Maybe Kay could give a comment whether it's useful/common
to have the PNPwxyz:00 path in /sys/../acpi/... to be evaluated to e.g.
a battery:00 or ac_adapter:00 path name.

IMO it is useful. Any user who knows about linux, but has no idea about
ACPI will find battery info by simply "find /sys |grep battery".
Disadvantage would be the size of the strings mapping to the PNP ids, I
think it's not that bad.
OTH you stick to the spec name of the device.
No idea what is better/nicer, but we should decide before 2.6.23...
For the latter we could add another documentation file,
acpi_hids_mapping.txt listing all supported Hids?

Userspace (HAL) would need to know about the ids then..., maybe these
guys have any preferences?
> > D) Why renaming struct acpi_device_id to struct __acpi_device_id
> >
> > Not a problem, just for understanding why I have done this:
> > struct acpi_device_id already exists in ACPICA. The module aliasing
> > interface requires that struct "SUBSYSTEM"_device_id is used as name.
> > This is not that obvious (include/linux/module.h):
> > #define MODULE_GENERIC_TABLE(gtype,name) and
> > #define MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE(type,name)
> it is really irritating to end up with two nearly identical definitions.
> it is also irritating to diverge from ACPICA for syntax reasons.
> I don't really have a better idea -- though I'd be inclined to call it
> acpica_device_id instead of __acpi_device_id if we're stuck with that route.

As this is ACPICA code, can you do this, you have to touch it anyway?
In general, I try(ied) to separate ACPICA code in a separate patch. Does
it make sense to directly patch against the ACPICA package (maybe not at
the moment, but if the next update comes out -> nothing urgent, but I
expect the current version has diverged a lot)?



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