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SubjectProblem with size after growing a device

I don't know really which subsystem this, so I'm sending this to the
linux-kernel list.
Please direct me to a more appropriate place if this is not correct.

I'm using a 3ware 9500 with Linux I've grown the HW
raid5-array and here is where the problem begins. After the card had
expanded the array, I used "blockdev --rereadpt /dev/sdk" to get the
kernel to recognize the now larger device. The last step was to do a
"pvresize /dev/sdk". The problem is that pvresize still thought that the
device was at the original size.

From the lvm mailinglist I found out that pvresize used the same
mechanism as "blockdev --getsz" to get the size of the disks, so I
tested this and found that blockdev also reported the device to have the
wrong size.

So, if I do:
# cat /sys/block/sdk/size

# blockdev --getsz /dev/sdk

Apparently /sys/block/sdk/size is updated with the new size, but
whatever "blockdev --getsz" and "pvresize" is querying is not. If I
reboot, everything works correctly.

Best Regards,

Ps. please keep me as Cc: on this; since I'm not subscibed to the
linux-kernel list..

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