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SubjectRe: Libata PATA status
On Jul 03, 2007, at 13:51:16, Alan Cox wrote:
> Libata General with respect to PATA
> ====================================
> [...snip...]
> Chipsets
> ========
> [...snip...]

I'd love to try to poke holes in the libata PATA support, but sadly
it doesn't look like any of my systems built-in ATA chipsets are
supported yet. Has anyone started a rewrite of the PPC/PowerMac IDE
driver? The current one is in "drivers/ide/ppc/pmac.c", and supports
these chipsets:
Heathrow ATA
KeyLargo ATA-3
KeyLargo ATA-4
UniNorth ATA-6 (IE: Kauai)
K2 ATA-6
Shasta ATA-6

I'd be willing to test drivers for the UniNorth ATA-6 and K2 ATA-6,
as well as possibly the KeyLargo ATA-3/4, depending on what the old
MDD G4 in my closet has. Sadly my libata-foo is insufficient for me
to do anything useful (other than thoroughly testing my backup-
restoration procedure, maybe :-D).

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