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Subject[ANNOUNCE] util-linux-ng 2.13-rc1

The first util-linux-ng 2.13 release candidate is available at

Thanks to all who help with util-linux resuscitation:

H. Peter Anvin
Ian Kent

and contribute to this project:

Arkadiusz Miskiewicz Matthias Koenig
Cliff Wickman Mike Frysinger
David Brownell Pádraig Brady
David Miller Radek Biba
Jason Vas Dias Ram Pai
Kay Sievers Stepan Kasal
Luciano Chavez Steve Grubb
Marco d'Itri Valerie Henson
Martin Schlemmer

Feedback and bug reports, as always, are welcomed.


Util-linux-ng 2.13 Release Notes

Release highlights:

mount(8) doesn't include NFS client code anymore. Don't forget to
install nfs-utils 1.1.0 or newer with /sbin/[u]mount.{nfs,nfs4}.

mount(8) doesn't include filesystem detection code anymore. You
have to compile --with-fsprobe={blkid,volume_id}, and libblkid
(e2fsprogs) or libvolume_id (udev >= v110) is required.

mount(8) supports new relatime, context, fscontext, and defcontext
mount options.

losetup(8) supports command line option "-a" to list all used loop
devices, '-s' to print a device name if "-f" and a file argument
are present, and "-r" to create a read-only loop device.

fdisk(8) Sun label support has been improved. fdisk(8) is also able
to warn about detected GPT (fdisk doesn't support GPT).

taskset(1) is independent on hardcoded NR_CPUS. chrt(1) supports
SCHED_BATCH scheduling policy.

The package build system is now based on autotools. The build system
supports separate CFLAGS and LDFLAGS for suid programs (SUID_CFLAGS,
SUID_LDFLAGS). For more details see the README file

hwclock(8) supports command line option --rtc=<path> and /dev/rtc0
device. --systohc functionality has been improved, and it doesn't cause
a 500ms inaccuracy each time it is used.

Audit system support (--with-audit) has been added to hwclock(8) and

SELinux support (--with-selinux) has been added to mkswap(8) and

The setarch(8) upstream has been merged with util-linux-ng.

Fixed security issues:

CVE-2007-0822 - mount(8) allows local users to trigger a NULL
dereference and an application crash
CVE-2006-7108 - login(1) omits PAM account validation when auth is


add 'O' escape code to display domain name
check gethostname() return value
cleanup usage() and update man page
add Automake option dist-bzip2
add missing files
add support for audit
amend .gitignore
call automake after autoconf
cleanup architecture conditionals
cleanup sys-utils/ rdev symlinks selinux support cleanup
declare SUID_CFLAGS and SUID_LDFLAGS as precious
do not build convenience libraries in lib/
do not kick off AM_CFLAGS by SUID_CFLAGS
do not play with DEFS, use AM_CPPFLAGS
do not set with_foo twice
do not use internal Autoconf variables
do not use wildcards in EXTRA_DIST
factor out common parts from mount/
fix ifdef ENABLE_WIDECHAR usage
fix linking when ncurses is built with --with-termlib=tinfo
fix README filenames and add missing files to EXTRA_DISTs
fix the example configure call in README
fix the final message of
in, change "po" -> "$srcdir/po"
in the clean targets use "find ... | xargs rm -f"
let configure instantiate the misc-utils/*.pl scripts
make the getopt example directory relative to datadir
merge adjacent AC_CONFIG_HEADERS and AC_CONFIG_FUNCS calls
minor fixes in
mount/ tiny cleanup
mount/ tiny cleanup II
move -D flags to *_CPPFLAGS
move the optimization flags to AM_CFLAGS
--prefix defaults to /usr
remove aclocal.m4 from SCM
remove from VCS
remove config/ from EXTRA_DIST
remove DEFAULT_INCLUDES workaround
remove -fomit-frame-pointer
remove generated autotools stuff from git
remove po/Makevars.template from EXTRA_DIST
remove swapargs.h, move the tests to main
rename to -ng, change maintainer name
replace AC_TRY_* by AC_*_IFELSE
set DISTCHECK_CONFIGURE_FLAGS in top-level makefile
simplify "clean" in tests/
update po/
use dist_example_DATA
use dist_noinst_DATA to work around the bug with dist_man_MANS
use dist_noinst_HEADERS in include/
use dist_usrbinexec_SCRIPTS in misc-utils/
check exit status of autotools
fix a segfault and -3m highlighting
ifdef cleanup, non-curses/tempcap code fixes
widechar code cleanup
build-sys defines HAVE_RPMATCH, not HAVE_rpmatch
fix stupid typo in GPT checker call
remove tailing wihit-spaces and use PATH_BSHELL
getwchar() errors shouldn't be hidden
fix compiler warnings
add the DEPRECATED file
clean up TODO file and add a new resuest for 2.14
fix info about devel/master branchs
fix URL and typos in README.devel
refresh AUTHORS file
remove deprecated section from README
update AUTHORS file
update TODO file
add GPT detection code
add MAC label detection
cleanup full disk detection code
fix "differ in signedness" compiler warnings
fix "type qualifiers ignored on function return type" refactoring
many significant improvements and fixes to Sun label handling
move duplicate stuff from fdisk*label.h to fdisk.h
use unsigned long long instead int for sectors
remove old unused files
don't use memset with zero lenght
add --rtc=<path> option and support for /dev/rtc0
add support for audit system
fix --systohc sets clock 0.5 seconds slow
make ggc happy and check return values from fgets, read and write
remove tailing white-spaces and clean up clock.h
add new tests for ipcs limits
add regression test for output headers
fix typo in Semaphore headers
max total shared memory in kbytes instead pages
add audit support
add IPv6 support
add regression test for IP address checking code
attempt to run if it has no read/write access to its terminal
close PAM session after failed pam_setcred
improve work with signals
keep syslog useful for end of PAM session.
login's timeout can fail
omits PAM account validation when auth is skipped (CVE-2006-7108)
remove triiling white-spaces
update 32bit utmp correctly on 64bit system
fix problem with !isalnum() words
remove tailing white-spaces
add a new option -s
add -a option to list all used loop devices
add long options and fix man page
add support read-only loops
add to man page info about deprecated cryptoloop
man pages:
add "AVAILABILITY" section
remove non-linux code
add scriptreplay manpage
remove old cal test
cleanup HAVE_ macros usage
fix a way how mkfs works with empty files
remove hardcoded limit for directories
add regression test
automatically add selinux label to swapfile
avoid mkswap usage on already mounted device
gcc happy: unsigned long usage
fix libuuid usage in mkswap
fix file descriptor leak
add note about /etc/mtab unreliability to mount.8
add note about fcntl/ioctl unreliability on NFS to mount.8
add -s and -f and note to man page for external mount helpers
add simple (printf-like) debug routine and --debug option
add support for context, fscontext and defcontext selinux mount options
add support for mixed usage of SPECes
add support for mtab "uhelper" option
avoid duplicate entries in mtab when mount -f
call /sbin/mount.<type> also when mounting without "-t"
clean up getfs* (fstab.c) interface
clean up info about NFS in mount.8
doesn't rpc_pipefs and nfsd on umount -a
do not treat arm/sparc specially.
don't umount sysfs when running umount -a
fix -fv so that it doesn't incorrectly spit out an error that nothing was done.
fix has_* functions (CVE-2007-0822)
fix list logic in update_mtab
fix memory usage in update_mtab
fix mtab_lock
fix typo in error message
fsprobe: add libvolume_id support
fsprobe: add libvolume_id support to
fsprobe: make fsprobe_get_devname functions more generic
fsprobe: remove mount_guess_fstype.{c,h}
fsprobe: remove non-blkid code
fsprobe: rename files to fsprobe_*
fsprobe: rename the rest of API routines to fsprobe_*
fsprobe: use blkid cache only when really necessary
getfs_* (fstab) interface has to work with canonicalize()
kill mount_guess_rootdev
loop device race condition
needs to handle special mountprog even on guessed file systems.
parse SPEC before search in fstab
relative atime support
remove all NFS code
remove nfsmount() from sundries.h
rewrite getfs_by_specdir() without mem leaks
shared-subtree support
update mtab correctly when mount --move
use encoded labels for volume_id
use growable string for options
use loop= option when mounting by /sbin/mount.<type>
use realloc for xstrconcat functions
use verbose mode instead debug mode
fix logic and infinite loop of symlinks
new regression test
add support for /etc/gshadow
check result from getgrnam() more carefully
add man pages for addpart, delpart and partx
rename mount/mntent.c to mount/mount_mntent.c
typo in french translation of mount error.
update po files
vipw doesn't use rpmatch, all translations have to use y/n
add file with udev rule example
don't accept raw0 as a target name
move the raw command to /sbin
update man page (about dd and O_DIRECT)
add support for SCHED_BATCH
define SCHED_BATCH when compile with old glibc
remove extra hyptens from man pages
taskset is independent of hardcoded NR_CPUS max
fix ionice build on sparc
add NLS support
fix "differ in signedness" compiler warnings
fix "may be used uninitialized" compiler warnings
setting default geometry values
cleanup PATH_ macros and tailing white-spaces
does not correctly deal with symlinks
fix swapon headers and syscalls
simplify an #if
added setarch command
add note about obsolete ramsize option to rdev.8
fix man page headers
move some man pages from category 8 to 1
add basic infrastructure for regression tests
add cal -1 test
add cal -3 test
add cal -y test
add expected outputs for cramfs
add functions for label, uuid and fstype detection
add hwclock systohc test
add library for LD_PRELOAD to manipulate with time() in tests
add lock_mtab() performance and reliability test
add look test for words with separator
add missing header
add mkfs.cramfs tests
add more variants to {mount,fstab}-by-{label,uuid,devname}
add mount by devname from fstab
add mount by devname test
add mount by devname with label in fstab
add mount by devname with uuid in fstab
add mount by label from fstab test
add mount by LABEL test
add mount by label with devname in fstab
add mount by label with uuid in fstab
add mount by UUID from fstab test
add mount by UUID test
add mount by uuid with devname in fstab
add mount by uuid with label in fstab
add mount /dev/symlink test
add mount --move test
add mount -o remount test
add return code
add simple helper that returns info about system
add support for fstab modification
add support for suid programs
add swapon by devname test
add swapon by UUID test
add test for /sbin/mount.<type> call
add ts_log and --verbose support
add ts_ok and ts_failed
cleanup blkid cache after test device deinitialization
code refactoring -- new ts_device_init function
code refactoring -- new ts_skip_nonroot function
code refactoring -- new ts_udev_loop_support function
enable mtablock test when uid=0 only
fix argv[] usage in mnt_test_sysinfo.c
fix dependence on blkid
fix (add missing tests)
fix ts_fstab_add function
"if [...]" clean up
make clean need to remove diffs and outputs
pass all arguments to ts_init, add ts_has_option function
refresh mtablock output in expected/ directory
simplify devices usage
fix the more command compilation against termcap
add codecheck-config that checks for {HAVE,ENABLE}_ orphans
fix permissions (600->400) for edited /etc/[g]shodow files
fix O_NONBLOCK usage
Clean up pagesize/PAGE_SIZE usage.
clean up realpath.[ch] includes and macros
execl() should be use NULL not 0

Karel Zak <>
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