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SubjectRE: Linux 2.6.22-rc7
>Ok, Linux-2.6.22-rc7 is out there.
>It's hopefully (almost certainly) the last -rc before the final 2.6.22
>release, and we should be in pretty good shape. The flow of patches
>really slowed down and the regression list has shrunk a lot.
>The shortlog/diffstat reflects that, with the biggest part of the -rc7
>patch being literally just a power defconfig update.
>The patches are mostly trivial fixes, a few new device ID's, and the
>appended shortlog really does pretty much explain it.
>Final testing always appreciated, of course,

For what it is worth - rc7 compiles and boots here
(HP/DL380G4,2x86_64, 8GB, cciss, 2xtg3). The subjective feeling(*) is
much better that the original RHEL4 kernel and better than 2.6.19 on
the same box.

(*) Our main problem with 2.6 kernels so far is a tendency to really
bad responsiveness under I/O related load.


Martin Knoblauch
email: k n o b i AT knobisoft DOT de
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