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SubjectRe: ppdev - conflicts with 2.6.21
El lun, 02-07-2007 a las 19:13 -0400, Chuck Ebbert escribió:
> On 07/02/2007 06:47 PM, Andrew Morton wrote:
> > --- a/drivers/char/ppdev.c~a
> > +++ a/drivers/char/ppdev.c
> He's reporting the bug against kernel 2.6.21, which does not have the
> patch you are reverting applied.
> ppdev hasn't changed in the six months prior to 2.6.21...

Your'e right: seems that fedora kernel is based in 2.6.21-git5 and
latest changes in ppdev and parport layer starts at 2.6.21-git10.
So need to look at other changes...

What does mean this report received in my working kernel?

"ppdev0: negotiated back to compatibility mode because user-space

Juan Antonio

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