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SubjectRE: june 30th to july 1st date hang?
> -----Message d'origine-----
> De :
> [] De la part de
> Arne Georg Gleditsch
> Florian Attenberger <> writes:
> > yep, controlled by ntpd.
> > You're right according to
> >
> > that event shouldn't have been there.
> I'm not all that versed in ntp-ish, but it appears that the
> leap second insertion should be propagated through the ntp protocol.
> Whether the leap second in question came from a ntp server
> giving out wrong data or from a misinterpretation or bug in
> ntpd is of course hard to say, but either way turning the
> clock back is unlikely to reconstruct the circumstances. An
> interesting exercise might be to code up a small program to
> call adjtimex with timex.status |= STA_INS, to see if this
> can trigger the problem. (The bogus leap second might be a
> red herring entirely, of course...)

You are probably right, I did tried to reproduce the problem without

Although it is wierd that it happend only on 2.6.21 kernels... It did
not happend on any of my workstations/servers running either 2.6.18 or

Could dynticks be involved?

- vin
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