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SubjectRe: [EXT4 set 4][PATCH 1/5] i_version:64 bit inode version
On Mon, 2007-07-02 at 10:58 -0400, Mingming Cao wrote:
> Trond or Bruce, can you please review these patch series and ack if you
> agrees? Thanks.
> As to performance concerns that raise before the inode version counter
> (at least for ext4) is done inside ext4_mark_inode_dirty), so there is
> no extra IO work to store this counter to disk.

Hi Mingming,

It looks OK to me, but you might want to strip out the now redundant
i_version updates in add_dirent_to_buf(), ext4_rmdir(), ext4_rename().

I also have some questions about how this will affect the readdir code:
unless I missed something, the filp->f_version is still unsigned long,
so the comparisons and assignments in ext4_readdir()/ext4_dx_readdir()
no longer make sense.


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