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SubjectRFC: Remove the arm26 port
Considering the state of the arm26 port, I do hereby suggest to remove 
it from the Linx kernel since it's far from a usable state and doesn't
seem to come back into a usable state.

If anyone wants to work on getting this port back into a usable state in
the forseeable future he should speak up now.


On Sat, Jul 07, 2007 at 10:12:08PM +0200, Adrian Bunk wrote:

> I'm wondering what the status of the arm26 port in the kernel is:
> AFAIR gcc support for this architecture was deprecated in gcc 3.4 and
> removed in gcc 4.0. This implies that either someone will have to re-add
> support to gcc in the next 1-2 years or the kernel port will become
> useless with the next increase of the minimum gcc requirement for the
> kernel.
> The other point is that I tried to cross-compile an arm26 defconfig.
> I gave up after running into several compile errors, and it doesn't seem
> as if any recent kernel could be compiled.
> Is the arm26 kernel port already unused dead code or is some work for
> getting it back into shape pending?
> cu
> Adrian
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