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SubjectRe: [ck] Re: SD still better than CFS for 3d ?(was Re: 2.6.23-rc1)
On 7/30/07, John <> wrote:
> I understand that, I was just wondering if the FPS scales the same natively
> vs. Wine as I typically only run native games. I have been hesitant to move
> over to CFS due to reports of 3D issues and wanted to see if you had numbers
> in regards to CFS vs. SD.

John, the numbers Ingo makes and the numbers you make will no doubt be
different (unless by some fantastic freak of nature you both have
identical systems). Take this opportunity to do this testing yourself
so in case there is some improvement to make, it can be done for
2.6.23. Nobody can benchmark your system but you.

Remember to set CONFIG_HZ to 1000

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