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SubjectRemoving the prism54 module
Dear All,
I am trying to set up software suspend 2 (TuxOnIce now it seems). This
has decided it wants to remove the prism54 module before starting the
hibernate process.

When it tries to do this, (or when I manually do: "ifconfig eth1
down"), I start getting these messages on all terminals, ad infinitum:

kernel: unregister_netdevice: waiting for eth1 to become free. Usage
count = 4

I asked a bit on #prism54 on freenode, and so I upgraded to
linux from, always building prism54 as a module,
but the problem continues.

I have tried doing "ifconfig eth1 down" before rmmod, but this does not

If you have any hints or answers as to what I should do, that would be
great. I think I have subscribed successfully to this mailing list, but
any CCs to this address are also welcome.

Thanks in advance,

Edward Ando
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