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SubjectRe: Volanomark slows by 80% under CFS
On 28/07/07, Chris Snook <> wrote:
> [ ... ]
> Under CFS, the yielding process will still be leftmost in the rbtree,
> otherwise it would have already been scheduled out.

Not actually true. The position of the 'current' task within the
rb-tree is updated with a timer tick's frequency. Being called
somewhere in between 2 ticks, sched_yield() may trigger a reschedule
which would otherwise take place upon the next tick.

Moreover, 'scheduling granularity' may also take effect. e.g.
effectively, the yielding task's 'fair_key' was already != 'left_most'
upon the previous timer tick but an actual reschedule has been delayed
due to the 'scheduling granularity' taking effect... and sched_yield()
may trigger it.

> Zeroing out wait_runtime on sched_yield strikes me as completely appropriate.
> If the process wanted to sleep a finite duration, it should actually call a
> sleep function, but sched_yield is essentially saying "I don't have anything
> else to do right now", so it's hardly fair to claim you've been waiting for your
> chance when you just gave it up.

'wait_runtime' describes dynamic behavior of a task on the rq. It
doesn't matter what the task is about to do as 'wait_runtime' is
something it fully deserves. Note, 'wait_runtime' can be both positive
and negative, meaning credit/punishment appropriately.

When it's negative, 'zeroing it out' effectively means the task gets
helped -- in the sense that it doen't get 'punished' for some amount
of time it actually spent running. Which is wrong.

One more thing: we don't take time accounted to 'wait_runtime' just
from the thin air.
e.g. sleepers get an additional bonus to their 'wait_runtime' upon a
wakeup _but_ the amount of "wait_runtime" == "a given bonus" will be
additionally substracted from tasks which happen to run later on (grep
for "sleeper_bonus" in sched_fair.c). That said, the sum (of
additionally given/taken wait_runtime) is zero.

All in all, I doubt the "zeroing out wait_runtime on sched_yield"
thing is really appropriate.

> -- Chris

Best regards,
Dmitry Adamushko
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