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SubjectRe: How to register block device as read-only

On Jul 28 2007 13:36, Bernd Petrovitsch wrote:
>Unless I misunderstand the question, the "write" and "writev" function
>of the "struct file_operations" should return an appropriate error value
>(which is here -EACCES).
>You may think of returning an error in the "open" if someone wants to
>open it to write to it (so that the must open it read-only).
>But I don't know if that is common practice or not (or even disliked) as
>it may interfere with not properly implemented tools which open devices
>read-write even if they never write to it.

Yes it is, I believe. When mount(8) gets an error from mount(2),
it retries with MS_RDONLY enabled.

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