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SubjectRe: Problems with reading DVD using
Robert Hancock wrote:
> I don't think this is a bug, the drive was told to read a sector and
> returned error SK=03, ASC=02, ASCQ=00 which is "NO SEEK COMPLETE", in
> other words it couldn't find that sector. Could be that the disc is
> marginally readable and only sometimes causes read errors.

The disc is OK. No scratches and no fingerprints on the data side. The
"position" of this error also seems to be not static. One boot before
the one, where I saved the "ls -l" output, the directory "kde" has been
unreadable. I unmounted and remounted the disc and immediately after
that, all directories have been readable, again.

I was able to read exactly this disc with exactly this drive to get the
MD5sum of the ISO on the disc. The MD5sum was OK. Even the gpgverify, I
did immediately after the MD5sum, was OK. No read errors or any other

The major problem is, that this one drove me nuts while installing
Slackware, as I always was unsure if this silly installer now installed
anything correctly or if I had read errors, again.

Why is this error gone after unmount/mount? Why isn't the kernel able to
"reread" (retry) a part of the DVD, without the need to remount the
whole disc?

Thanks very much in advance



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