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SubjectRe: [PATCH] UML - Console should handle spurious IRQS
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Jeff Dike wrote:
> The previous DEBUG_SHIRQ patch missed one case. The console doesn't
> set its host descriptors non-blocking.

Sorry, things looked okay when I tested on my UML environment (Puppy
Linux). Some xterms popped around (because I was using "con=xterm") and
the system was usable, so it gave me no indication something was wrong.

I thought of adding an extra debugging option to warn us when a blocking
I/O operation is issued for a socket/fd, but UML-specific code is not
consistent regarding glibc functions. That is, most of the time it calls
os_*(), but sometimes it calls functions like recvfrom() directly. I'll
grep the source code for such calls and send a patch to clean it up a bit.

There might still be such cases, I haven't tested all channel types yet.
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