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SubjectRe: sound is interrupting with new kernels
On 7/23/07, Ingo Molnar <> wrote:
> could you try CONFIG_HZ_1000 instead of the 250 you are using currently?
> Also, please enable CONFIG_SCHED_DEBUG to improve the output of
> Ingo
Hi, Igno.
Sorry for so long response, I hadn't opportunity to reboot machine for
new kernel.
I've built 2.6.22 with CONFIG_HZ_1000 and CONFIG_PREEMPT - nothing changed =(.
Interesting that in Totem(Gnome vp) sound isn't interrupting during
video watching.
I'll try other kernels later to find out what is working good for my case.
In gxine(xine-based) sound is interrupting too!

>firstly, could you check whether the ogg123/mpg321 console apps work
>without any audio skipping? If they work fine, does Amarok work fine?
>(Amarok is an X apps that has a high-quality latency design - most other
>X based players are affected by X communication latencies.)

I'm not using amarok but audacious. It's seems that's everything is
alright with it.

I'll send more tests results later.

Best wishes!

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