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SubjectRe: [ck] Re: Linus 2.6.23-rc1
Op Saturday 28 July 2007, schreef Linus Torvalds:
<snip stuff i generally sagree with>
> Compare this to SD for a while. Ponder.
> Linus

Your point here seems to be: this is how it went, and it was right. Ok, got
that. Yet, Con walked away (and not just over SD). Seeing Con go, I wonder
how many did leave without this splash. How many didn't even get involved at
all??? Did THAT have to happen? I don't blame you for it - the point is that
somewhere in the process a valuable kernel hacker went away. How and why? And
is it due to a deeper problem?


Alles wat ik doe denk en zeg is gebaseerd op het wereldbeeld wat ik nu heb.
Ik ben niet verantwoordelijk voor wijzigingen van de wereld, of het beeld wat
ik daarvan heb, noch voor de daaruit voortvloeiende gedragingen van mezelf.
Alles wat ik zeg is aardig bedoeld, tenzij expliciet vermeld.

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