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SubjectRe: alpha compile failure (srm_printk)
Retested this compile error with todays 2.6.23-rc1+git, still the same.

> > LD arch/alpha/boot/bootloader
> > arch/alpha/boot/ undefined symbol `srm_printk' referenced in expression
> I was unable to repeoduce these errors on 2.6.22-rc4 with your config.

Hmm. Just make works, make bootimage does not. I debugged this further
today and I can not see how it can work.

The link command in question is
ld -static -uvsprintf -T arch/alpha/boot/ arch/alpha/boot/head.o arch/alpha/boot/main.o -o arch/alpha/boot/bootloader
and it still tells
arch/alpha/boot/ undefined symbol `srm_printk' referenced in expression

arch/alpha/boot/ contains a single related line referring
to srm_printk:
printk = srm_printk;
This only seems to define an alias to srm_printk so not important (and

nm arch/alpha/boot/head.o outputs
0000000000000000 T __start
0000000000000108 T halt
0000000000000110 T move_stack
U start_kernel
0000000000000060 T switch_to_osf_pal
0000000000000100 T tbi
0000000000000020 T wrent
0000000000000040 T wrkg

so no mention of srm_printk.

nm arch/alpha/boot/main.o outputs
U _end
U callback_close
U callback_getenv
U callback_open
U callback_read
0000000000000000 G hwrpb
0000000000000000 T pal_init
0000000000000000 b pcb_va
U srm_printk
0000000000000130 T start_kernel
U strcpy
U switch_to_osf_pal

and the U srm_printk is breaking things. main.c actually uses srm_printk
inside so it really needs to link one in. I do not see where that
srm_printk could come from? The only implementation seems to be in
arch/alpha/lib/srm_printk.c that goes into arch/alpha/lib/lib.a.. maybe
this is forgotten?

arch/alpha/boot/Makefile contains different link rules for bootloader vs
bootpheader and bootpzheader - the others also have $(LIBS_Y). However,
as trial and error showed, adding $(LIBS_Y) to get lib/lib.a does not
work - I got new unresolved symbols (__kmalloc or some other malloc

So, can anyone guide me further - where should srm_printk come from in
bootloader image?

Meelis Roos (
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