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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/5 v3] Porting RapidIO driver from ppc to powerpc architecture and adding memory mapped RapidIO driver.

On Jul 26, 2007, at 3:42 AM, Zhang Wei wrote:

> These patches are the version 3 patches for RapidIO with dts update
> and some minor fixups.
> These patches are used for supporting RapidIO controllers of
> Freescale. I ported them from ppc architecture to powerpc
> architecture and added some new features, such as memory mapped
> driver.
> [PATCH 1/5] Add the explanation and sample of RapidIO DTS OF-node
> to the document of booting-without-of.txt file.
> [PATCH 2/5] Add RapidIO OF-node to MPC8641HPCN board dts file.
> [PATCH 3/5] Add the platform device support with RapidIO to
> MPC8641HPCN platform.
> [PATCH 4/5] Add RapidIO support to powerpc architecture.
> [PATCH 5/5] Add the memory management driver to RapidIO.
> Please see below descriptions of these patches:
> 1. Add the RapidIO driver of-device support.
> 2. Add the RapidIO driver support to MPC8641HPCN board.
> 3. Port the RapidIO from ppc to powerpc architecture.

Can we do the port from ppc as follows:
- cp arch/ppc/syslib/*85xx*rio to arch/powerpc/syslib/fsl_rio.{c,h}
make everything still build
- rename cleanup the code in fsl_rio.{c,h}

this makes it easier to see what changes actually are to fsl_rio.{c,h}

> 4. Add Memory mapped RapidIO driver.
> 5. Add the support to multi master ports.
> 6. Add a simple bitmap RapidIO space allocator driver.
> 7. Change the RapidIO system size of menuconfig to automatically
> detection.

also you describe 7 items, was expect 7 patches :)

- k
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