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    SubjectRe: Kernel modules compilation
    > You could start by telling people what modules you are talking about.

    The modules I need are:

    - bridge
    - ipv6
    - thermal
    - fan
    - button
    - processor
    - ac
    - battery
    - dm_snapshot
    - tg3
    - serio_raw
    - pcspkr
    - sata_svw
    - libata
    - i2c_piix4
    - i2c_core
    - tsdev
    - reiserfs
    - dm_mod
    - sd_mod
    - mptsas
    - mptscsih
    - mptbase
    - scsi_transport_sas
    - scsi_mod
    - usbmouse
    - usbhid
    - usbkbd
    - ohci_hcd
    - ehci_hcd
    - usbcore

    I cannot found some of them in the kernel configuration.
    Isn't there a general way to know what configuration compiles what
    module in general?
    I need to know this because I'm trying to compile a fully-optimized
    version of the kernel for my xen0 domain on my amd64 system.
    Is the "lsmod" way correct to find what modules I have to compile to
    have a correctly-booting system with a very very small kernel?

    Thank you very much for your help!
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