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SubjectRe: updatedb
On 07/27/2007 02:46 AM, Jesper Juhl wrote:

> On 26/07/07, Andika Triwidada <> wrote:

>> Might be insignificant, but updatedb calls find (~2M) and sort (~26M).
>> Definitely not RAM intensive though (RAM is 1GB).
> That doesn't match my box at all :

[ ... ]

> This is a Slackware Linux 12.0 system.

Yes, already identified that there are more updatedb's around. We are using
"Secure Locate" and others simply the locate from the GNU findutils. Either
version does not itself use significant memory though and seems irrelevant
to the orginal swap-prefetch issue -- if updatedb filled memory with inodes
and dentries the memory is no longer free and swap-prefetch can't prefetch

The remaining issue of updatedb unnecessarily blowing away VFS caches is
being discussed (*) in a few thread-branches still running.


(*) I so much wanted to say "buried".

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