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SubjectRe: 2.6.23-rc1: no setup signature found...
On 07/27/2007 12:31 AM, H. Peter Anvin wrote:
> Borislav Petkov wrote:
>>> The absolute best would be if we could replicate this in simulation
>>> (Bochs or Qemu); this would make it very simple to debug. Would you be
>>> willing to try to do that?
>> sure, will do, however i'll be busy at work/travelling tomorrow but as soon as i
>> get home i'll whip up my qemu and run the kernel in question in it. However,
>> Xudong said that grub 0.97 boots just fine on his machine and i think it'll be
>> better to debug this right on the bare hardware (i.e. my laptop) ...?
>> Suggestions ?
> If we can't reproduce the problem in simulation, that itself will tell
> us something very important. If we *can* reproduce it in simulation, it
> will be vastly easier to debug.

We're seeing boot failure when using isolinux with the latest kernels,
but so far only on Dell machines. It loads the kernel and initrd, types
"Ready." and then just reboots. Adding "vga=ask" gives the mode prompt
and allows selecting a video mode, but it just reboots after that too.

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