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SubjectRe: request for patches: showing mount options
>   all - fs has options, but doesn't define ->show_options()
> some - fs defines ->show_options(), but some options are not shown
> noopt - fs does not have options
> good - fs shows all options
> patch - I have a patch


> > autofs all
> I'm not sure I understand this.
> How does autofs show it's options without a ->show_options method?

It doesn't. The "all" means, all of them need to be added to
->show_options(), not that all are shown.

I can see now that this is slightly confusing, sorry.

So the ones that need attention are "all" and "some". The others are
fine in theory. Of course I may have missed something.

> > autofs4 some
> OK, uid and gid aren't shown.
> That should be straight forward to fix.
> What's your time frame for this?


2.6.24 would be a nice, but it won't be easy...

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