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SubjectRe: -mm merge plans for 2.6.23
On 7/25/07, Zan Lynx <> wrote:
> On Wed, 2007-07-25 at 09:02 -0700, Ray Lee wrote:
> > I'd just like updatedb to amortize its work better. If we had some way
> > to track all filesystem events, updatedb could keep a live and
> > accurate index on the filesystem. And this isn't just updatedb that
> > wants that, beagle and tracker et al also want to know filesystem
> > events so that they can index the documents themselves as well as the
> > metadata. And if they do it live, that spreads the cost out, including
> > the VM pressure.
> That would be nice. It'd be great if there was a per-filesystem inotify
> mode. I can't help but think it'd be more efficient than recursing
> every directory and adding a watch.
> Or maybe a netlink thing that could buffer events since filesystem mount
> until a daemon could get around to starting, so none were lost.

See "Filesystem Event Reporter" by Yi Yang, that does pretty much
exactly that. . Author had things to
update, never resubmitted it as far as I can tell.

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