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    Subjecthighest and lowest priority job of a runqueue

    I have some questions concerning the current 2.6.22 scheduler
    implementation. I was wondering how I may retrieve
    (a) the priority/load of the highest and the lowest priority task of a
    runqueue (in a multiprocessor system), and
    (b) the corresponding pointer to this task?

    I thought I might use (given a list with tmp pointers to all CPUs)
    rq = cpu_rq(tmp->cpu);
    task_load = rq->curr->load_weight;
    but this always returns 128 regardless of the fact if a task currently
    runs on that CPU or not. I guess it returns the load of the migration
    thread, but I'm not sure. I would like to migrate specific tasks
    throughout find_busiest_group().

    Furthermore, is it correct, that the current migration strategy
    (move_tasks()) chooses automatically the highest priority task?

    Thanks for your help,
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