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SubjectRe: [PATCH 4/8] i386: bitops: Kill volatile-casting of memory addresses

> The "const volatile" is so that you can pass an arbitrary pointer. The
> only kind of abritraty pointer is "const volatile".
> In other words, the "volatile" has nothing at all to do with whether the
> memory is volatile or not (the same way "const" has nothing to do with it:
> it's purely a C type *safety* issue, exactly the same way "const" is a
> type safety issue.
> A "const" on a pointer doesn't mean that the thing it points to cannot
> change. When you pass a source pointer to "strlen()", it doesn't have to
> be constant. But "strlen()" takes a "const" pointer, because it work son
> constant pointers *too*.

However... What about that:

- This "volatile" will allow to pass pointers to volatile data to the

- Most users of "volatile" in the kenrel (except maybe jiffies) are

- Thus let's remove it -as a type safety thing- to catch more of those
stupid volatile that shouldn't be ? :-)

Besides, as Nick pointed out, it prevents some valid optimizations.


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