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SubjectRe: [git patches] two warning fixes
Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:
> Thus, we have two choices here:
> - The simple one: sysfs_create_blah() displays a warning when it fails
> and has no must_check
> - The one that adds code everywhere (the current one):
> sysfs_create_blah() returns an error, has much_check, and thus all
> callers like I described abvoe need to add code to test it and print a
> warning. Lots of added .text and .data for little benefit.

Not necessarily as simple as that -- you need to make sure you don't
pass something bogus to a sysfs_remove_blah() function at
unregister/unload time, if sysfs_create_blah() failed.

Certainly sysfs_foo() failure is often ignorable in the sense that you
want the driver to keep loading... but that does not imply that it is
strictly ignorable, if you also consider the associated cleanup code.


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