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Subject[PATCH for review] [0/48] Second batch of x86 patches for .23

[repost to linux-kernel because I messed up the email address first time]

- Controversal change: extend the unhandled signals logging to i386
* all flames to Masoud Asgharifard Sharbiani <> please
- NUMA fallback handling for AMD Fam10h/11h (Joachim Deguara)
- Second try at registering HPET in resources
- Various AMD Geode fixes
- Better OOM handling -- kill all threads
- Better HPET sanity checking
- Fix PCI mmconfig on some systems
- kprobes/alternative handling now works with DEBUG_RODATA again
- Allow KVM on non PAE kernels again
- Mostly various small leanups and fixes

Please review. I plan to send them off relatively quickly
because I'm very late with this merge.

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