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SubjectRe: early_printk accessing __log_buf
On 7/18/07, Robin Getz <> wrote:
> On Wed 18 Jul 2007 18:16, Andrew Morton pondered:
> > I'd suggest that any interface into here should be via function calls,
> > not via direct access to printk internals: think up some nice
> > copy_me_some_of_the_log_buffer() interface.
> If so - I would still like to put it in:
> - and define as __init
> so that people don't use it when they shouldn't (when the kernel is up an
> running).
> Something simple like - early_copy_log_buff(void *dest, size_t n)
> copies n bytes from log_buf to memory area dest. Returns number of bytes that
> could not be copied. Can find out how many bytes are in the log_buff by
> calling with zero size.
> This is not destructive to existing interfaces (log_start and con_start are
> not updated/used). This should ensure that if booting does work - that normal
> messages come out the standard method.
> Any other suggestions?

maybe something as cheesy as early_get_log_buf() ? that way you dont
have to do any buffer management, you can just operate read-only on
the string ...
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