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SubjectRe: [git patches 1/2] warnings: attack valid cases spotted by warnings
Roland Dreier wrote:
> In this case the code is basically
> u32 x;
> for (n = 0; cond; ++n) {
> ...
> if (!n)
> x = something;
> ...
> }
> if (n) {
> ...
> use(x);
> ...
> }
> and gcc still warns...

Interestingly, the above accurately describes a common code pattern
matching code which caused gcc to emit the uninit'd-var warnings.

For the record I think initializating 'f0' to zero is safer for the
reasons Linus gave, and in addition, f0 is or'd with a value written to
a hardware register, which means things should go awry (if they go) in a
semi-predictable manner.

According to the assembly language produced, sure it is larger -- by one
(per function) MOV that is adjacent to other initializations, making it
highly likely the initializations are all streamed together. I doubt
one MOV per function will make a huge difference, considering the peace
of mind it buys.


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