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Subjecta52b1752c07 broke !SMP: error: implicit declaration of function `WARN_ON'

kernel/timer.c (and some others as arch/arm/kernel/irq.c) include
<linux/smp.h>, but not <linux/kernel.h>

a52b1752c07 introduces usage of the WARN_ON macro in <linux/smp.h>, but
doesn't pull in <linux/kernel.h>. (<asm/bug.h> is not enough, at least
for arm, because WARN_ON uses printk there.)

The obvious options are:

1) include <linux/kernel.h> in <linux/smp.h>, maybe conditioned by !SMP
2) include <linux/kernel.h> in all includers of <linux/smp.h>
3) remove the WARN_ONs introduced by a52b1752c07.

WARN_ON is used in an inline function that isn't used in every file
including <linux/smp.h>, so maybe updating the compiler might make
the effort for 2) smaller!? (I'm using gcc 3.4.4)

Best regards

Uwe Kleine-König

$ dc -e "5735816763073014741799356604682P"
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