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SubjectRe: signalfd and thread semantics

> On Tue, 17 Jul 2007, Michael Kerrisk wrote:
> > Hi Davide,
> >
> > Working on the signalfd man page, another question comes up:
> >
> > What are the intended semantics for a signalfd file descriptor with
> > respect to threads? I have not yet tested the behavior, but in
> > any case, I better check what is expected.
> >
> > A signal can be directed to the process as a whole (e.g., using
> > kill(2)), or to a particular thread (using, e.g., pthread_kill(2),
> > or tgkill(2)).
> >
> > So that raises the question: If a thread calls signalfd(), does the
> > resulting file descriptor return just those signals directed to [the
> > thread and the process as a whole], or will it also receive signals
> > that are targeted at other threads in the process? I would hope the
> > former is the case, but I'm not sure what has been implemented
> > (or intended).
> If thread A calls signalfd(), a read() from the signalfd will return
> thread A private (tgkill) signals (only when called by thread A) and
> thread A shared (kill) signals (readable from any thread).
> So a call to signalfd() virtually attaches the fd to the calling thread
> signal context.
> This is the reason of the "virtual connection" dropped I was talking
> about in the other email. If the signal context the fd is attached to
> (struct sighand), goes away, the fd becomes like a disconnected socket
> with no peer to read form.

It's late at night, and perhaps I am being slow: in what
circumstances can the signal context go away while the
thread itself continues to live? (I mean in
what circumstances from the point of view of the userland


Michael Kerrisk
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