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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Use tty_schedule in VT code.
James Simmons wrote:
> The low_latency is used by the drivers in the case where its
> not in a interrupt context. Well we are trusting the drivers.
> Now if it is true what you said then tty_flip_buffer_push has
> a bug. Looking at several drivers including serial devices
> they set the low_latency flag.

The generic serial driver (8250) is the one that was
dead locking when that code originally existed.
It was setting low_latency and calling from interrupt context.

>> And the initial schedule has no reason to add the extra delay.
> So do you support a non delay work queue as well?

No, the delay work must be used for flush_to_ldisc()
so it makes no sense to define two different work queues
(one delayed and one not) for the same work.

I support your patch.

The current stuff works and your patch works.
With your patch, you actually reduce initial
latency for processing receive data.

Whichever way everyone else wants to go.

Paul Fulghum
Microgate Systems, Ltd.
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