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SubjectRe: timerfd(2) draft man page plus questions
On Tue, 17 Jul 2007, Michael Kerrisk wrote:

> Hi Davide,
> Below is my current draft of the timerfd.2 man page. There are a number of
> points that I'm not sure of, and a few questions, all marked "FIXME
> Davide" -- could you take a look at those please.
> Aside from that there are a couple of questions I have on details of the
> call (one of which I already started to cover off list).
> 1. timer_settime() and setitimer() both permit the caller to obtain the old
> value of the timer when modifying an existing timer. Why doesn't timerfd()
> provide this functionality?

I don't know ;) Would it be any useful?

> 2. What if there are more expirations than can fit in a uint32_t? (Why
> wasn't this value uint64_t, as with eventfd()?) (Actually, there seems to
> be a bug which means that at the moment only a single byte of info is being
> returned, but I'll cover that in a separate mail.)

I just sent a patch to Andrew to make that an uint64_t and to fix the cast
in __put_user.

- Davide

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