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    Subjectregression: disk error loop (panic?) ide_do_rw_disk-bad:

    last git changes to git give me the following error (repead very quickly):

    sector 14657019, nr/cmr 0/0
    bio f7b59280, biotail f7b59280, buffer 0000000, date 0000000, len 36
    ide_do_rw_disk-bad command: dev hda: type 2, flags 104c8

    [note: manually copied]

    I tried bisect:

    cate@catee:~/kernel/6,v2.6/linux-2.6$ git bisect log
    # bad: [a5fcaa210626a79465321e344c91a6a7dc3881fa] Merge branch
    'drm-patches' of
    # good: [8f41958bdd577731f7411c9605cfaa9db6766809] Merge
    git-bisect start 'a5fcaa21' '8f41958b'
    # good: [02b2318e07f98a7cdf7089a4457a8d62424aa824] Merge branch 'master'
    git-bisect good 02b2318e07f98a7cdf7089a4457a8d62424aa824
    # good: [f716a425c15ebadf60286cd4fb60d1d6f46e3cf9] [POWERPC] VIOTAPE:
    Use designated initializers for fops member structures.
    git-bisect good f716a425c15ebadf60286cd4fb60d1d6f46e3cf9
    # good: [14dc5249728ff699b1ca4dac01ad416a350a147a] Merge branch
    'for-linus' of git://
    git-bisect good 14dc5249728ff699b1ca4dac01ad416a350a147a
    # good: [c2dc1ad582196208a2f990eb0230eb922046c684] Merge branch
    'drm-patches' of
    git-bisect good c2dc1ad582196208a2f990eb0230eb922046c684
    # good: [c5e3ae8823693b260ce1f217adca8add1bc0b3de] forcedeth bug fix:
    realtek phy
    git-bisect good c5e3ae8823693b260ce1f217adca8add1bc0b3de
    # good: [70584578ab3e940ac9d7820f268f9adc9884e407] [POWERPC] Check for
    NULL ppc_md.init_IRQ() before calling
    git-bisect good 70584578ab3e940ac9d7820f268f9adc9884e407
    # good: [bf22f6fe2d72b4d7e9035be8ceb340414cf490e3] Merge branch
    'for-2.6.23' into merge
    git-bisect good bf22f6fe2d72b4d7e9035be8ceb340414cf490e3
    # bad: [f798634d806615bee27d1b83479034087a02aa0f] [SERIAL] SUNHV: Fix
    jerky console on LDOM guests.
    git-bisect bad f798634d806615bee27d1b83479034087a02aa0f
    # bad: [29417b899a77aaba1c060f5e123db4f50006f58a] Make BLK_DEV_BSG
    depend strictly on SCSI=y
    git-bisect bad 29417b899a77aaba1c060f5e123db4f50006f58a

    but last changeset don't compile (and it doesn't seem relevant).

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