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SubjectRe: [git pull] more drm patches for 2.6.23-rc1
> I really think this or the previous tree is buggy.

I've got this to reproduce on my machine, this code came from DRM git and
has been okay in there for a few weeks, I'll do some digging it may be
something to do with the idr + context/drawable code..


> Trying to start any 3D client just hangs my Evo laptop hard. It's a Radeon
> Mobility 7500 behind a ICH4 southbridge, so standard Intel AGP, and not
> anything very usual gfx-chipwise either.
> I don't have netconsole or anything, so I'm mixxing any potential oops,
> and I guess I should try that next, but not today. I'm hoping this is
> something obvious and/or already known, since my setup certainly isn't
> unusual.
> Linus
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